Monday, September 16, 2013

Good Art VS Bad Art

I believe  this picture is bad art because the drawing skills the artist painted to portray Mona Lisa weren't good. The picture does not really send out a message of why the artist painted her in a rare way, which almost doesn't even look like her. From the neck and up it has manly features instead of the actual Mona Lisa. Maybe this picture was drawn/painted for comedy but if it wasn't I would consider this bad art. 


    This 3D street art is good art because not only has the artist painted this picture onto the sidewalk but has made it 3D. This painting is so good it almost seems real, like if it was an actual waterfall and you are about to dive in from the rocks. I also believe this is good art because it takes a lot of time to paint this and the artist who did this must have a very creative mind to be able to see it from a 3D point of view. 

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