Tuesday, November 5, 2013

LES Galleries Reaction

Traveling to the Lower East Side was interesting to see some of the artworks that have been made by less known artists. In these exhibits I felt that they had the same type of setting, like the "White Cube" spaces in Chelsea, though these exhibits were more welcoming to the ones in Chelsea. I believe that the location of these exhibits and how they are scattered around the LES influence the artworks displayed because of the small and closed areas. Not only did it effect the artworks but they way you viewed the art works, because the environment in the LES is very hipster. Unlike Chelsea it's more clean and it looks organized, so you go into the exhibits with that state of mind. The exhibits that I chose was the Shin Gallery, Bosi Contemporary, and the Untitled. All of these were more abstract compared to the ones in Chelsea. Some artworks were very plain but still caught your eyes. I think that they do cater to the same type of collectors because even though these artworks are very abstract and rare, they are very artistic and send out aesthetic emotions like the ones in Chelsea. The only concern is that these artworks aren't made by famous artists but by regular artist and that can affect the collector's opinion and perspective. 

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