Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Magritte at the MoMA

One artwork I chose at the Magritte exhibition was "Les Amants" (The Lovers) that was painted in 1928. I believe this painting was very creative in the reason of how and why it was painted. It depicts the reality and fantasy at the same time. Magritte painted a couple kissing but what was so odd about it was the cloth over there heads. The reason she painted these cloths was to cover there identities, the painting's information states, "it corresponds to a larger Surrealist interest in masks, disguises, and what lies beyond or beneath visible surfaces." It also talks about the painting relating to thriller stories that Margitte's friend Paul Nouge send to her and encouraged her to paint. The piece depicts reality through the couple kissing and the fantasy is the cloth draped over there heads as if they are suffocating. The idea of kissing is a romantic scene but what about the people that are under those cloths? What is there background, is their personalities as grateful as the kiss? You can't always judge a person, or in this case people but their cover. 

Rene Magritte
 Les Amants 
Oil on canvas 

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