Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Illustrate a Story (Project 3)

When hearing the stories, most of them had a melancholy mood to them, I wanted a story that resembled something funny, cool, and unusual. I came across Dawn and Don Bruke, a couple that decided to start a sanctuary for rats. The sanctuary that is, is their own home. They decided to do this because of rats being used today for lab reasons, that are mistreated or simply not wanted. It started of with Dawn being disgusted with rats but later on bought one after spending time with her neighbor's rats. This one rat then led on to bringing more and more into their home. I found this to be very cool and interesting and I myself am an animal lover. Someone being disgusted by a animal and ending up having millions of that creature in their home! I love seeing other people help out with animals that are mistreated and unloved. When creating a college that represented this story, I tried to make a college that represented the rat's perspective. To them, Dawn and Don's home is paradise to them because they are in a habitat where they are loved and they can run around in. There's even a pool in the fancy home and one of the rats are even dressed, all of them look happy to be there.


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